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Deceased Members
Lord Jesus, Please look favorably upon these dearly departed souls, and grant them the
Love and Mercy that You so freely share with your flock.  Your Kindness, Your Goodness,
Your Great Love, this we ask for these who have gone before us.    Please grant them your
Eternal Blessings and full remissions of their earthly failings..  
Thank You, for the Loving Peace You continue to share..


We Remember

SK Donald Drobney_____Assm 0496_____Lansing Mi_____07/24/05

SK Eugene Herrmann_____Assm 0496_____Lansing Mi_____11/30/2005

SK Dennis Tegels______Assm 0496_____Lansing Mi_____01/20/06

SK Antonio Pido____Assm 0496____Lansing Mi____08/16/2006

SK Don Surnbrock PFN___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___10/17/2006

SK Leroy Angst FM___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___10/20/2006

SK Michael Panetta___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___12/22/2006

SK Herman Van Drie___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___12/27/2006

SK George Hinman___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___01/09/2007

SK John Higgins___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___04/16/2007

SK Cyril Hackett___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___06/08/2007

SK Stanley Levandowski___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___06/19/2007

SK Thomas Daher___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___07/11/2007

SK Robert Sweet___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___09/21/2007

SK Lawerence Fox___Assm 0496____Lansing MI___10/30/2007

SK Gordon Duchene___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___11/16/2007

SK Robert Harden___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___12/27/2007

SK William O'meara___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___ 01/2008

SK Thomas Hermes___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___03/2008

Sk Michael Sibal___Assm 0496___Lansing MI___03/2008

SK Dar Halfman___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___03/24/2008

SK Richard Dibolt___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___04/2008

SK Joseph Winkiel___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___04/2008

SK John Speicher___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___08/2008

SK Urban Simon___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___09/2008

SK Leo Savoie___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___11/20/2008

SK John Boda___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___04/2009

SK Ernie Zeigler___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___06/2009

SK John Nicklay___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___07/2009

SK John Powers___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___10/29/2009

SK Bob LaPrad___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___11/2009

SK Raymond Smith___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___01/2010

SK Renan Fontus___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___01/2010

SK William Lechleitner____Assm 0496___Lansing Mi____04/2010

SK Joseph DuMont____Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___05/2010

SK Fr Ray Kacirk___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___08/2010

SK Vince Redmond___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___08/2010
SK Eugene Krasicky___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___11/2010

SK Comisky___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___12/2010

SK Jack Schnable___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___01/2011

Rev Randy Miller___Jackson, Mi___04/2011

SK Alfred Spagnuolo___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___04/2011
SK Craig Oppenlander___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___04/2011
SK Angelo Picicci___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___05/2011
SK Grant McCabe___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___05/2011
SK Thad Twarozynski___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___05/2011
SK Fr. Francis T. Martin___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___09/23/2011

SK Gerald Boda___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___10/2011

SK Douglas Wahl___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___10/13/2011

SK Dr Richard Griffin___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___06/12/2012

SK Manual Ramirez___Assm 0496___Grand Ledge, Mi___08/20/2012
SK Gardner Bird___Assm 0496___Grand Ledge, Mi___12/17/2012

SK Martin Benardino___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___01/11/2013

SK John Dwyer___Assm 0496___Grand Ledge, Mi___02/02/2013

SK Carl Schafer___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___08/29/2013

SK Phillip Kirkwood___Assm 0496___Little Lake, Mi___09/08/2013
SK Hilary Fedewa___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___12/17/2013

SK Julian DeSmith___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___06/06/2014

SK Robert Leyko___Assm 0496___Leslie, Mi___07/18/2014

SK Charles Smith___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___10/2014

SK Leroy S. Parks___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___10/19/14

SK Joseph Flynn Jr___Assm 0496___Dewitt Mi___07/04/2015

SK Rubin Gonzales___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___09/22/2015

SK Terry Austin___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___10/2015

SK Joe Radamacher___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___10/2015

SK Tony Thias___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___1/12/2017

SK Pierce Kent___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___2/12/2017

SK Greg Walker___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___2/14/2017

SK Carroll (Bud) Howard___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___5/3/2017

SK Terry Chamberlin___Assm 0496___Grand Ledge. Mi___09/2018

SK Frank Cena Sr.___Assm 0496___Grand Ledge, Mi___11/19/2018

SK Richard Knapp___Assm 0496___Grand Ledge, Mi___12/16/18

SK Tom Stevenson___Assm 0496___Grand Ledge, Mi___12/17/18

SK Albert Boucher___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___01/2019

SK Joseph Powell___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___01/2019

SK R. Jay Kussmaul___Assm 0496___Lansing, Mi___03/30/2019

SK Rich Palermo___Assm 0496___Grand Ledge Mi___ 04/18/2019

SK Frank Koenigsknecht___Assm 0496___Fort Pierce, Fl___07/05/2019

SK Frank Brandell___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___07/10/2019

SK Brent Williams___Assm 0496___Dimondale, Mi___07/15/2019

SK Donald Majeske___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___08/08/2019

SK Gerald Boyson___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___01/2020

SK Ronald Burch___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___3/27/2020

SK Raymond Drouin___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___4/26/2020

SK Francis Joe Kelly Jr___Assm 0496__Eaton Rapids Mi___5/28/2020

SK Orand Parker___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___8/03/2020

SK Phillip Cummings___Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___9/6/2020

SK Jack McNamara___ Assm 0496___Lansing Mi___12/28/2020

SK Nicholas D'Anna___ Assm 0496___ Maggie Valley NC__5/22/2021