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Knights of Columbus participation in the VAVS program is critical to support our nation's veterans.      With the influx of seriously wounded active duty military into the VA heath care system for long term rehabilitation before discharge, and then after discharge, the need for volunteers is growing dramatically..
                                                                                            Fr. Tim Video

From Ms. Laura Balun, Director VAVS, writing in the VAVS newsletter “Eagle” 
     “Last year, through the VAVS, volunteers and the organizations they represent, donated more than $50.4M in gifts and cash donations.  Hours that were donated to VA in volunteer services valued at $234.8M.  When those two contributions are added together, more than $285M has been donated to assist with service to veterans.  It costs VA$45.5M for VAVS staff training, salaries (plus benefits), travel and volunteer meals an excellent return on investment.” 
     It most certainly is a major return on investment, indeed!  Consider also the hours these VAVS volunteers perform, over 13M hours in 2005 (104K hours by KofC volunteers), it is the veteran who is the direct m major beneficiary of this good will or as Fr. Holt, Deputy Chief Chaplain and Senior Catholic Priest Chaplain, VA, would put it “Good people doing good things”. 
     I am very proud to be the Order’s National VAVS Representative and our VAVS representatives and volunteers at the VA Medical Centers should be very proud of themselves.  The Order of the Knights of Columbus should take great pride in its membership on the Executive Committee of the VAVS National Advisory Committee. 
“We shall care for him who has borne the battle, and his widow and orphans.” .Abraham Lincoln
Vivat Jesus