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Vavs Committee
Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) Committee

Each Department of Veterans Affairs medical facility has a Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Committee consisting of organizations - such as a Fourth Degree Assembly of the Knights of Columbus - whose members participate in the VAVS program for that facility. Each organization may certify one representative and up to three deputy representatives to serve on the committee.
Certification of the representatives and deputy representatives is done by the National Certifying Official of each organization. The certification is presented to the director of the facility. Effective leaders are needed for this committee assignment. Participation by an organization in the volunteer program is usually as effective as leadership provided by an organization' s representatives.
The VAVS representative:
is sincerely interested in the welfare of patients and desires to help them;
can work effectively with members of the Fourth Degree, with other organizations on the committee and with the VA staff;
must organize, promote and coordinate the volunteer program of the Fourth Degree and recruit the volunteers needed in the program;
know the purposes, policies, operating procedures, resources and capabilities of the Fourth Degree and relate them to the VA staff and to other committee representatives;
interpret the purpose of VAVS program to the Fourth Degree and explain the role of the Fourth Degree in carrying out that purpose;
have sufficient time to devote to committee work; and
be recognized by the Fourth Degree as the liaison with the medical facility in all aspects of the VAVS program.
The VAVS committee for each medical facility meets quarterly during each fiscal year. There may be additional meetings as scheduled by the chairperson. The Fourth Degree representative on the VAVS committee represents all assemblies and other K of C units serving the medical facility and has one vote. The deputy representative (s) of the Fourth Degree also attends meetings and may serve on subcommittees but has no vote unless he is acting place of the certified representative. Attendance by any certified representative of the Fourth Degree constitutes representation at a VAVS meeting.