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Bishop Albers Assembly 0496
 Lansing, Mi

4th Degree Knights of Columbus


Home of:  Keep Christ in Christmas / Michigan


We Pride ourselves in being a Catholic men's organization that  is involved  in Civil Activities and Works of Goodwill, here and in the Lansing area. Our presence is noted in the Color Corps, with Honor-guard ceremonies, Chalice presentations, Civic support functions, and a highly visible presence for the Catholic Church. A Brotherhood of like believers that worship in kind, we stand firmly in support of our Clergy, of our Faith..  While we are Ready to Assist any we can, we Know that our fellow Brothers in Christ can be Counted on for any help we may need.   This source of Confidence Strengthens our individual Efforts and lends itself to the Greater Good..

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Bishop Albers Assembly  0496
Knights of Columbus
5300 N. Grand River
Lansing, MI   48906

Last updated:       May 26, 2021


Home Assembly of:

SK William Chasse'

SK Thomas Wegener PSD,
Former Supreme Director

SK Richard McCloy




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